ZEIT Academy – Flexible educational platform with content management system


The original small ZEIT Academy website, with its few seminar options, needed to be developed into a complex educational platform. One which provided user access to all the ZEIT Academy’s products and learning courses.

‘Learn what you always wanted to learn’. That’s the ZEIT Academy’s concept. The website at www.zeitakademie.de is the platform upon which this will be made possible.

Stefan Ehlers, Project Manager at ZEIT Online


A multilayer platform

A multilayer platform was devised and programmed which was based on the Drupal content management system. This made all the ZEIT Academy’s services available to the students. A coupon system thereby allows learners simple, individual access to the selected content and courses. At the same time, its product area provides a direct connection from the ZEIT Academy shop to the ZEIT shop.


Coupon System

Above all, this flexible solution allowed the integration of the seminar videos which could be booked by the students and viewed directly on various devices. Through its implementation with Drupal, the website is easily customisable and adaptable to any new requirements.

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