Kenzoparfums – Online marketing campaign


In the context of the current KENZO campaign, the LVMH Fragrance Brands company needed support with its technical interface between offline and online communication. LVMH was looking for a solution which would deliver the campaign’s strategic goals to potential buyers’ mobile devices and computers using optimum technology and creative content.


Interactive Microsites

Divine devised a microsite for this, implemented it and thereby created the campaign’s online platform. Potential buyers were able to complete the ‘flower test’ on the website. At the end of the 10 test questions, the question: ‘Which kind of flower woman are you?’ was answered separately and the participants could take part in a competition by providing their e-mail address. To further strengthen the KENZO brand, Divine created the ‘flowerizer’, an innovative tool which enables website visitors to embed their own photo onto the background of the campaign motif. This personalised flower image could then be distributed virally by clicking on Facebook or Pinterest.


Social Sharing

The ‘flower test’, the ‘flowerizer’ and their connection toactual purchase opportunities immediately established three solid ‘points of contact’ which made the product exciting and tangible. Therefore, not only the site visitors but also their social networking friends came into contact with the brand. Awareness was significantly increased for the advertised KENZO products.

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