Deutsche Welle – app with Livestream functionality


To deliver Deutsche Welle as Livestream in an app. This was the request made by the German international broadcasting service for a free app for iOS devices.


App for multiple contents

Divine designed an app which allows you to view DW programmes anytime and anywhere through Livestream. All content is automatically updated whenever the app is started and is available in six languages. In addition to the live streaming of six show broadcasts, the app also provides mobile access to current news and audio, video and photo galleries.

‘This user interface will be well received in every country which receives Deutsche Welle broadcasts. Probably because of its pure design: simple and functional’.

Mathias Hädrich - Project Manager at Deutschen Welle


Multi-Platform App

The DW app is freely available from Apple stores or through Google Play. As a universal app, it can be used concurrently with smartphones and tablets. Through a gradual expansion, the app will be available in the future in all of Deutsche Welle’s 30 broadcast languages.

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