September 22, 2015

The ZEIT Kochtag is inspiring the whole of Germany – to cook and enjoy

Food which you have prepared yourself always tastes better. Though, all too often, we lack the time or inclination to cook for ourselves. Die ZEIT wants to change this and is calling a nationwide action day on 22 April which will let everyone join in with the cooking.

Numerous public events based on the themes of cooking, nutrition and enjoyment will be taking place throughout Germany on 22th April. All information regarding the ZEIT Kochtag can be found on the website designed by Divine on Here you will find the views of prominent ambassadors such as Iris Berben, Cem Özdemir and Cornelia Poletto. In addition, interested site visitors will be able to view, amongst other things, all the events and schedules.

Further information on this project is readily available from Robin Fritze, Head of Development at: