September 16, 2014

KENZO-Women love it: the game of seduction

Düsseldorf, 25/08/2014 | KENZO is wrapping all those who want to experience the game of love first hand around its little finger: the new fragrance JEU d’AMOUR leads you into temptation, and like KENZO, represents the essence of the senses and seduction.

Playing, laughing, seducing, provoking, surprising…love is a game of chance; seduction is a pack of cards. Kenzo celebrates this game of seduction with JEU d’AMOUR – an eau de parfum which is like the magical flutter of a woman’s eyelashes. The fragrance was developed by two master perfumers, Daphné Bugey and Christophe Reynaud. The sensually sculptured flacon was created by famous designer, Karim Rashid.

KENZO has seemingly found the key to seduction, and with JEU d’AMOUR, has immortalised a unique olfactory masterpiece. The special value and story of this perfume is conveyed in the folder which BÜRO Divine conceptualised and elaborately produced for KENZO.

The folder, with its rounded corners, resembles a huge playing card; it whets the appetite for the special love story hidden within. A technical production highlight is the embossed heart. Creative director Jens Schöniger explains “the feel, look and promotional concept intertwine ideally in this print product from Büro Divine, allowing readers and viewers of this product to delve into the world of this special perfume!”

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