June 25, 2014

Divine spreads the word about KENZO fragrances – virally and effectively

Düsseldorf, 05.06.2014  How do you create viral interest in a fragrance? Divine addressed this issue in its current KENZO campaign for LVMH Fragrance Brands. The Düsseldorf-based communications agency used a specially developed on-line strategy to create an internet buzz around the fragrance.

LVMH Fragrance Brands, which is based in Düsseldorf, used the “Which Flower Woman are you?” slogan to promote the two fragrances – FLOWERBYKENZO and FLOWER IN THE AIR. The campaign was designed to strengthen the image of the KENZO umbrella brand at the same time. A plethora of marketing activities such as print mailings, advertisements, on-line advertising and POS promotions in fragrance retail outlets raised awareness of the products. They also served to promote the campaign competition.

The company required support where on-line and off-line media intersected: “The many off-line activities used in the campaign had to be seamlessly linked with targeted on-line marketing,” explains Ines Pellarim, Product Manager at KENZO Parfüms. “Divine was the perfect business partner to help us achieve this.”

The Düsseldorf-based communications agency came up with the design for a microsite, which they then implemented, creating an on-line platform for the campaign. Women looking to purchase the products could take the “Flower Quiz” on the website. After answering the 10 quiz questions, they were given a personalised response to the question “Which Flower Woman are you?” Participants could then choose to enter the competition by entering their e-mail address.

To further strengthen the KENZO brand, Divine developed the “Flowerizer”, an innovative tool that allowed visitors to the website to upload their own photo to form the backdrop to the campaign image. This personalised flower photo could then be shared virally via Facebook und Pinterest with a single click. This meant that it was not only visitors to the website who came into contact with the brand, but all their friends as well, which significantly increased awareness of the KENZO products being promoted.

Jens Schöniger, Creative Director at Divine, is happy with the results: “Giving a brand a tangible presence on-line is a challenge that we love to take on. With the “Flower Quiz”, the “Flowerizer”, plus the link to real shopping options, we have succeeded in creating three strong ‘contact points’ that present the product in an exciting and tangible way.”

If you would like further information on the project please contact Jens Schöniger, Creative Director, whose contact details are as follows:

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