ZEIT publishing group – portal site with content management system


In addition to the weekly newspaper which sells over 500,000 copies weekly, the ZEIT publishing group publishes various successful magazines and, in ZEIT online, has one of the main websites for quality journalism. In order to represent the wide portfolio of the collective group of companies, the ZEIT publishing group needed a portal site which encompassed every activity, product and service.


One Platform Solution

Büro Divine devised the following portal site in close collaboration with the responsible staff from ZEIT online: www.zeit-verlagsgruppe.de. After a requirements analysis, a rough concept was drafted. At the same time, a wide range of functions were created for the central content management system, based on the information from the separate divisions. As well as these features which were individually tailored according to department, secure interfaces with external ZEIT services were created.

‘The objective was to create building blocks for the future’. A solution which reflected the needs of every department in the publishing group from the start. ‘We reached our exact objective’.

Stefan Ehlers, Project Manager at ZEIT Online


Integration with external information systems

The wordpress content management system is the basis for the technical implementation. This makes it particularly easy for editors to publish new content on the website. At the same time, it enables integration and connection with many different services from the ZEIT publishing group. The portal site is therefore the building block for the future which is a portrayal and representation of every division in the ZEIT publishing group.

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