Düsseldorf Wildlife Park– Fundraising Campaign


The animals in the wildlife park have many needs, whether new facility requirements or the construction of an entire compound. However, the animals can hardly tell us about this themselves… 


The animals speak for themselves

Or can they? Yes, they can! By using announcement cards disguised as partner ads which were devised and implemented by Divine for the fundraising campaign. The animals living in the Düsseldorf wildlife park can express themselves using these specially formatted cards. In the print campaign, they speak in a charming and comical way, ‘I, muscular, red deer’, to potential animal sponsors. Clear and distinctive motifs, which anyone can instantly recognise, reach directly into the hearts of the target audience through their witty and lively written content and lovely, compact silhouette image.

‘Thanks to Divine, the living conditions in our wildlife park have been considerably improved. For example, last year we received new feeding troughs. I believe there are even plans for a mud area... maybe this is just a rumour. In any case, I have found a really nice godmother who visits me regularly here. Grunt!’

Walther, a wild boar from the wildlife park


Image-Rejuvenating cure for the Wildlife Park

Thanks to this unusual and high visibility marketing activity, many animals can be successfully ‘connected’ to sponsors. The new development association members and sponsors have guaranteed financing which the wildlife park needs for projects – such as a new otter reserve. In addition, the campaign has changed and effectively strengthened the wildlife park’s image. The extremely positive resonance with the marketing communication’s new appearance has meant that all subsequent communication materials have been created and will be created on the basis of the campaign design.

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