About the agency

With us, added value is created in the spirit of partnership and through the combination of creative minds, specific customer requirements and dynamic solutions.

You are our driving force!

Our clients have sophisticated requirements.
And they are happy.

We will give impress you with our certified processes and our operating methods: personal, determined, creative, direct and efficient – from consultation through to output.

As an independent full-service agency, we make the connection between marketing and communications. We connect branding with content through digital solutions and provide a reliable print production service at the same time. We have been consistently representing our clients’ interests for over 10 years.


Divine GmbH
Garather Schloßallee 19
D-40595 Düsseldorf
T__+49 211 310-2508
F__+49 211 310-7032

Founded 2004 in Düsseldorf
CEO: Jens Schöniger, Torsten Schöniger

Employees: 11



Certified quality

When it works, it’s Divine.

Our work begins with the consultation: we get to know our customers and their respective requirements. Then we create an individual strategy or we make use of an existing one. This forms the basis for the concept and the specified methods of communication that we create for you. Covering all channels – from web-based to print.
We are convinced that organised operations lead to excellent results. Provided the elements of the process chain work perfectly with one another. For this reason, we have been ISO 9001 approved. This guarantees a consistently high service quality for both our customers and ourselves.

Our clients

Business Management

Jens Schöniger



T: +49 211 310 6808


Torsten Schöniger



T +49 211 310 2508