Büro Divine

Büro Divine creates value enhancement for its clients through creative marketing solutions that are known for its cost-effectiveness and a highly effective brand recognizability.

About the Company

Founded in 2004, Büro Divine is an independent full-service marketing, branding and content agency located in the Düsseldorf media port area. Based on the digital channel we help our clients to improve the value of their brands across all media.
Büro Divine's client list includes Deutsche Welle, DIE ZEIT, LVMH, Payback, Sennheiser and Ubisoft.
Büro Divine is proud to call itself a long term client agency. Through constantly cooperation and quality over years and value-based creative solutions and projects Büro Divine mostly clients are still on board.


Büro Divine provides its clients specialists who sees the whole thing. From strategic analysis, consulting, concept and design to highly complex technical implementations. Büro Divine provides individualized teams of experts who develop customized solutions.


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Integrated Campaigns
  • E-Mail Campaigns
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Content Strategy
  • Storyboarding
  • Copywriting


  • Corporate Design
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Positioning
  • Corporate Publishing
  • Packaging
  • Advertising
  • Photography & Video-Production
  • Illustration
  • Interiordesign


  • Website Architecture
  • Website-Design
  • CMS/Frontend Development
  • Interaction & UI/UX Design Development
  • Animation
  • Multimedia Installations
  • Mobile Applications/Apps
  • Responsive Webdesign
  • Facebook Apps and Tabs


  • Insight Report
  • Webanalytics
  • Usability und Performance Tests
  • SEO
  • SEM


KENZO-Women love it: the game of seduction

September 2014

KENZO is wrapping all those who want to experience the game of love first hand around its little finger: the new fragrance JEU d’AMOUR leads you into temptation, and like KENZO, represents the essence of the senses and seduction.

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Simply divine – Alicia Keys wears Dahlia Divin by Givenchy

September 2014

The woman, as talented and as beautiful as a goddess. The fragrance, as elegant as a couture gown: Alicia Keys and the perfume Dahlia Divin complement one another ideally – in the new campaign from Givenchy.

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A career chance for everyone: the www.LearnNow.de online portal

August 2014

With the www.LearnNow.de online portal it’s now easier than ever to take your career and development into your own hands. If you wish to continue your education you can find online courses here, customised to your personal needs and goals.

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Büro Divine spreads the word about KENZO fragrances – virally and effectively

June 2014

How do you create viral interest in a fragrance? Büro Divine addressed this issue in its current KENZO campaign for LVMH Fragrance Brands. The Düsseldorf-based communications agency used a specially developed on-line strategy to create an internet buzz around the fragrance.

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Professional, objective, appealing – Büro Divine re-launches the website of the law firm Aderhold

May 2014

Professional, objective, appealing – Büro Divine re-launches the website of the law firm Aderhold

Büro Divine affirms its expertise in all aspects of special interests. In close collaboration with Aderhold, the Düsseldorf based communication agency Büro Divine designed the new website of the law firm and launched it in a very creative way.

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UBISOFT – Assassins’s Creed: Brotherhood

February 2014

Software and games manufacturer UBISOFT commissioned Büro Divine to develop a Facebook marketing strategy. The idea, and subsequently the creation of an app for Assassins’s Creed: Brotherhood was developed. Teach your Facebook friends the meaning of fear with this small application.

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Büro Divine introduces a certified quality management system

September 2013

Büro Divine is driven to deliver the best quality. Since August 2013 Büro Divine's maintains a certified quality management system according to ISO 9001 (DIN EN ISO 9001).

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We welcome Mr Rafael Cieslik

August 2013

We welcome Mr Rafael Cieslik as our new trainee in application development in our IT department. Mr Cieslik is supporting our web development unit as well as being a special applications support, further strengthening our mobile development team.

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Relaunch: New Website of ZEIT Verlagsgruppe

June 2013

In cooperation with ZEIT ONLINE the website of ZEIT Verlagsgruppe has been revised in appearance and content and equipped among other things with an online application tool.

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ZEITakademie DVD-seminars now available for streaming

March 2013

From now on all DVD seminars of the ZEIT Academy are also available for streaming. At the newly developed Digital Streaming Platform, the user has the option to watch the online seminar at any time and on any device (PC, tablet, smartphone).

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Büro Divine inspires creativity – on the Intuos 4 series product website

January 2013

As the world’s leading manufacturer of graphics tablets, WACOM inspires greater creativity in artists and creativepeople. At the product launch of the Intuos 4 series, WACOM provided Büro Divine with the realisation of the official product website, where there is so much to discover, most of all unimagined potential.

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Relaunch of ZEIT Schülercampus

November 2012

For our client »DIE ZEIT« Büro Divine has created the new website for »ZEIT Schülercampus«. The production is based on the content management system "Drupal".

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The Wildpark fundraising campaign

September 2012

The Wildpark in Düsseldorf have found new friends. There is nothing new about that because the park is admired by all visitors of every age, since its founding in 1927.

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Website-Launch for ZEIT Wissen-Preis

August 2012

For ZEIT WISSEN-Preis Mut zur Nachhaltigkeit (Encouraging Sustainability) Büro Divine has developed the corporate website. The implementation is based on Content Management Systems »Drupal."

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The new News App for Deutsche Welle

March 2012

We just created the new iPhone/iPad App for the German outland broadcast for Deutsche Welle. The "DW App" gives user the possibility to pursue the TV program of the DW Live stream, whether...

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Education material against mutilation

February 2012

Büro Divine produced an education brochure for the non-profit organization Stop Mutilation.

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Büro Divine develops for PAYBACK

May 2011

For more than 10 years PAYBACK, as one of the biggest German bonus program, rewards its loyal client for their purchases.

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ZEIT Akademie: The Studium Generale for your home

February 2011

We just re-launched the website of the ZEIT Akademie in a new and more complex design.

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Relaunch of ZEIT online subscription platform

February 2011

For Zeitverlag Gerd Bucerius Büro Divine has implementet the new online subscription platform based on the content management system Typo3.

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FDP: Again the best result after nearly 50 years

June 2010

The FDP Düsseldorf reached the best election result for nearly 50 years, with 8, 7 per cent and frontrunner Robert Orth was reelected.

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Innovative online- platform for ANNO 1404: Venice

May 2010

Task: Creating a graphical conception of the web platform for the latest part of the successful ANNO-serial, “ANNO 1404: Venice”.

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FDP Düsseldorf bets enhanced on the online campaign

May 2010

One third of the NRW voters informs them through the internet about the coming state elections, reveals the Forsa survey.

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3D-Christmas special for peterzahltaus.de

November 2008

Punctual to the christmas season Büro Divine created for the online- bonus- portal a 3D Christmas special.

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The new ZEIT Akademie Online-Portal is completed with an innovative and intelligent E-Learning function, which gives user the possibility to watch various Learning-channels on different terminal devices.

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Deutsche Welle App

The DW News App for Germanys broadcaster Deutsche Welle.

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Sennheiser Aviation Ads

The award winning aviation campaign "Next Time you´d better choose a SENNHEISER".

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Wacom business greetings

Interactive digital greeting card for Wacom, the world leader for Graphic tablets.

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A fundraising campaign for the "Wildpark Düsseldorf".

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»Stop Mutilation« for analphabetics.

Extraordinary education campaign, developed for the ministerial for health of the federal state Nordrhein-Westfalen, to prevent the female circumcision of Africans.

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